Sunday, December 24, 2006

Ian Crossland Current Life List

These I believe are a part of my everyday life
  1. I am a master of my own life
  2. Every day and in every way I am better and better
  3. I believe in myself
  4. I receive, I respond, I rejoice
  5. I exercise and train to be in the best health of my life
  6. I fully appreciate and exchange sexual energy
  7. I am inspired to be in service to others
  8. I am committed to constantly learning
  9. I am inspirit
  10. I simplify my existence

Those that I have achieved have been removed and replace
  1. Reach my ideal weight of 188
  2. Live debt free for the rest of my life
  3. Create sources of income that will provide for my financial freedom
  4. Settle my past debts
  5. Own and furnish our home, in MN
  6. Purchase ownership of a ranch in Texas
  7. Purchase ownership of a castle in Scotland
  8. WMI, wilderness first responder graduate
  9. Design and build my own backpacking gear for Philmont
  10. Philmont trek 2007 with my son Cashe-Achieved!!
  11. Nine Mile Packing trip
  12. Philmont Training Center Course 2007 Conservation and Scouting.
  13. World Jamboree 2007 International Service Team participant-Achieved!!
  14. Obtain my US Citizenship
  15. Design and register the Crossland Family Tartan
  16. Through hike the Appalachian Trail
  17. Nine Mile Backcountry Survival Course
  18. Pan American Jamboree 2008 participant
  19. 2008 Summer Road trip on Harley-Davidsons with Cashe
  20. Arrowcorps5 staff participant
  21. Philmont trek 2009 with my sons Cashe and Chance
  22. Create and manage the Crossland Foundation
  23. Through hike the Pacific Crest Trail
  24. Brilliant white dental implants
  25. National Jamboree 2010 Staff participant
  26. Through hike North Country Trail
  27. 2010 Summer Road trip on Harley-Davidsons with Chance
  28. 2012 Summer Road trip on Harley-Davidsons with Aeon
  29. Be very talented at playing the bagpipes
  30. Be very proficient at playing the guitar
  31. Be practised at playing the bugle
  32. Achieve the ATA rank of Black Belt
  33. Dual Major bachelor's degree in anthropology and archaeology
  34. Be honored with Knighthood
  35. Telemark ski the Haute route
  36. Trek Everest and K2 basecamps
  37. Write the best selling novel
  38. Write the best selling book of rules
  39. Tour Europe on my Screaming Eagle Harley-Davidson
  40. I will educate my children with my knowledge and experience
  41. Provide for my children's University educations
  42. Trek the Amazon
  43. Trek Africa
  44. Tour Australia on my HD
  45. Visit Dubai
  46. Own my favorite vehicles; 69 L87 Vette, 69 Z-28 Camaro,
  47. Be nominated and obtain membership in the Adventurers Club
  48. Actively support and educate Leave No Trace.
  49. Visit the seven Ancient wonders of the world before they change on 07/07/07
  50. Ski the top ten North American Ski resorts
  51. Own the wardrobe I choose
  52. Lucchese boots
  53. Experience Carnival
  54. Experience the Day of the Dead
  55. Be fluent in French
  56. Design and have the body tattoos I have always wanted
  57. Learn to dance
  58. V conjugis com centum rosea capilli femina
  59. Experience 11/11/11
  60. Have successful Lasik
  61. Gunsite advanced training
  62. Peak Potentials Wizard Training Course
  63. Grey School of Wizardry Journeyman
  64. Through hike the two Trans Canada Trails
  65. Participate in the World Scouting Jamboree in Sweden 2011

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